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Mission Statement: Girl Moto Power

Founded in 2016 with the inaugural show at La Bodega Gallery in Barrio Logan, San Diego, Ride to the Warehouse is an all-inclusive event which celebrates the female motorcycle riding community while raising funds and awareness for women's health issues. The event works to present empowered women riders from a variety of locales in their best and most vibrant light using various artistic mediums to connect, inspire, enrich and educate. We like to refer to it as “Girl Moto Power”!
Our event also serves to connect riders with small and large businesses as well as a variety of charities we feel could use a boost in exposure and funding.  

Charity Parner: Keep A Breast Foundation

We're proud to support Keep A Breast Foundation with our upcoming events.  Please take a moment visit their website.

Other Charities We Support:

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